Iain S. Mackenzie has been a craftsman for 25 years.

Iain was born and raised in a small village in Hampshire, England. He had always wanted to be a furniture maker. His mother tells of the day she discovered that five year old Iain had nailed all of his bedroom furniture to the floor. However, he first studied engineering and taught at a technical college before apprenticing with a cabinet maker. During the three year apprenticeship Iain learned to make furniture using only hand tools. Later, after starting his own workshop, Iain started using machine tools as well as continuing to use hand tools. Also, the years studying engineering were not wasted as he is able to create precise drawings of a piece of furniture or cabinetry.

In 1992 during a visit to the small country of Luxembourg, Iain noticed a need for an English speaking and English style cabinet and furniture maker in order to met the needs of the many English speaking ex-pats living in Luxembourg. So Iain opened a successful workshop in Luxembourg.

However, after twelve years in Luxembourg (and by this time, married to an American) he and his wife decided to move to United States. Iain was curious to visit the town of Alton, in New Hampshire, having lived in Alton, Hampshire, England. This led him to a property in nearby New Durham, where he and his family have set up a home and a workshop in an old Gothic post and beam barn.